ABOUT US   ~​ ~  What we do & who we are
Wylie grew up in the Denison, Texas area, He went to
Tarlton State University in Stephenville,  TX on a
bull riding scholorship.
He started Platt's Welding in 1999 while he was working as a welder on some of the local horse ranches. You may have seen him on the weekends in the local rodeo arenas riding & team roping.
is a trusted, family owned and operated, full service welding and construction business. 
We were established in 1999. 
We are based in Grayson County, Texas
and serve the Texoma area of 
northern Texas and southern Oklahoma and much of the surrounding area.
We have recently branched out into the Dallas/Fort Worth area and some parts of East Texas.
  We perform a wide array of metal projects and custom fabrications. 
We specialize in MIG, TIG, and ARC welding on a variety of materials such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Copper and Bronze.

We offer a full line of services and we will be happy to sit down and work closely with you to be sure that you are pleased with the designing process all the way thru to the finished product.
Whether you are needing small repairs to fences on your property;
structural steel for your new home;
or anything in between,
please give us a call.  
We are of the mind set that if a customer needs a welding job done we will help them achieve their goals & dreams no matter what.
We are fully insured and ready to take on your most challanging plans and dreams.
​Kimberly grew up in the Sherman, Texas area.   She has a business degree from Grayson County College, and studied Psycology and Socioloty at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  She has worked in an Administration compacity in the Medical Field in the Texoma area for many years.
She recently retired from that line of work to devote herself full-time to the family business.
On the weekends you can usually find her at the local rodeo arenas cheering Wylie on to victory. 
  Son Daniel joined the family business in 2010.
He is a big animal lover, and when not working, he enjoys hunting and fishing, 
He can also be found riding and team roping with Wylie some weekends.
Younger son, Keagan plans on joining the family business around 2024.  He already knows most of the basics by just being around brother    Daniel and his parents.
He enjoys reading about dinosaurs, Jurrasic Park and playing video games.